Our mission is to empower every person to harness their agency and fulfill their potential to discover new horizons for themselves and civilization.

Our mission is to empower every person to harness their agency and fulfill their potential to discover new horizons for themselves and civilization.

We increase one-on-one time students have with support services.

Student Support Services are only available during the day when students are in class. Our strategy is to make these services available all the time in a safe and meaningful way that empowers educators and students.

We offer access to traditional services such as mentoring, tutoring, and college advising to students anywhere, anytime. This is accomplished by expanding access to these support services by connecting high school students with near-peer mentors via their mobile devices. Student Success Agency has been implemented across the country from rural to metropolitan area high schools reaching tens of thousands of students. Our model is uniquely positioned to reengineer Student Support Services so students across the country can have quality on-demand support regardless of their zip code.

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We believe relationships are the most powerful connector to humans and their purpose.

Student Success Agency is a completely digital program, meaning students and agents never meet in person. Often, students and agents don’t even live in the same state! When one of the school districts we work with asked if we could host an event for 200 students and their agents in person, we were ecstatic! The result was Camp Grit.

K-12 schools are generally apprehensive about technology’s place in the classroom; however, Camp Grit immediately confirmed what our data was showing us: despite not being face-to-face, our online mentorship platform was creating genuine relationships between students and their mentors. Students were excited to meet their e-mentors and thank them for making a difference in their lives. Digital mentorship was translating to in person mentorship before our eyes. Camp Grit proved that Student Success Agency was working. Today, Camp Grit is an annual tradition for our students and their mentors.

Started from the bottom now we're here

Student Success Agency is a true example of how higher education can change lives. It started when two college classmates from completely different backgrounds decided to work together on a common goal of modernizing education. EJ Carrion studied  journalism while Michael Benko studied accounting, which was the closest thing either of them had to business experience. The founders had zero dollars in the bank and no connections to investors. They won the first customers for SSA by creating a PowerPoint deck, which would fund the initial prototype of the product.

Now Student Success Agency has a diverse leadership team and 200+ Agents across the country working to scale one-on-one attention in education. This collective group of  educators, teachers, developers, and creatives are working together to make a dent in the universe.