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There has never been a harder time to be a student than now. More students are going to college, getting good grades, and most importantly, there are more qualified workers than positions available. All across the nation, students are lacking confidence and are feeling a greater sense of unknown about their future, which leads them to inaction. But now there is a solution! EJ Carrion, founder of the Student Success Academy, has written the book that will serve as the student guide to not only standing out among their peers but succeed at a faster rate than they thought possible! This book is an elaboration of EJ s time-tested and proven framework called the Student Accelerator. It includes three development stages and twelve milestones.


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About the Author

Featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox news affiliates, EJ Carrion is the #1 Amazon Best Selling author of Accelerate Your Success: How to Create a Future and Stand Out When College is Not Enough, which teaches students how to market and brand themselves when everyone is going to college and no one is hiring.

After writing his first book, Ignite Your Dreams, while in college at the University of Oklahoma, he became the CEO of Student Success Agency, a talent agency that represents high potential teens instead of celebrities and athletes. At SSA, teens are given their personal agent to support them through the college process. EJ recently represented Student Success Agency at the White House as special guest speaker on college success.

In a short period of time, EJ has already spoken to nearly 100,000 people in 30 states and around the world while still in his mid 20s. He is recognized as one the country’s top youth speakers ranking in the top one percent.

EJ’s childhood dream job is to become a platinum rapper. He has shared the stage with platinum selling artists and had one of his raps used by ESPN.

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  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Success Publishing (April 30, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0984797904
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984797905
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


Author E. J. Carrion starts out telling us that almost three-quarters of high school students in the US go on to college. But I’m sure you’ve read the recent statistic in the news, that one out of every two recent grads is out of work in 2012. It’s a fact that student debt can balloon beyond a hope of ever repaying if you fail to implement your plan of “education-job-paycheck.” Instead of being a ticket to a career, a diploma, for some people, has now become a lasting burden and no advantage whatsoever. So here is a book that offers a step-by-step system to make sure your sheepskin is a success, not a shackle.Face it, there ARE fewer jobs. College education expenses have skyrocketed, the author reminds us. And he argues that there are very few jobs out there that can actually be a return on your investment in education. That is a grim, grim notion. Personally, it makes me so sad to see this (and I see it daily) that I had to read this book to grasp how things have really changed. Since I graduated almost 40 years ago, from a state school, wihtout a dollar of debt despite no financial aid, and a job waiting for me during a deep recession, the question is: was I merely lucky? Or did I intuitively do what the author suggests in this book? I just had to find out. And I wanted to know, how have things changed so radically in four decades? I think this is important for all of us to ponder. It’s really terrible to consider a generation that pays for its education only to receive nothing of value to them. That is a tragedy.This book breaks down the path to success into three stages towards self-actualization, and 12 milestone markers that measure if you are on track (what we measure, we accomplish! An important element!)The three stages of life are not “get a job, get a car or house, get married and a family” or “get a job, get rich, retire to an island.” No, indeed. The stages are much more lofty in nature: Passion, Action, Satisfaction (that rhymes, by the way.) Inside these are the steps to accomplish each. First, passion. What is it that makes you excited? That makes you get up in the morning? Here, the student is advised to develop a personal philosophy and develop interests. Absolutely spot on. Your interests and philosophy make you INTERESTING.. and the author tells us that the day of being a “cog in the machine” or just holding down a job are gone forever. Instead, you must make sure you bring VALUE either for the people you work for or the people you directly impact. Plain old “jobs” have moved offshore or been replaced by technology….or WILL BE. A successful person will bring value to the marketplace and have specialized knowledge. In a way, we are all forced to be small businessmen or entrepreneurs of our own careers because the days of factory jobs and levels of positions to rise through ARE GONE.Then, after you find that passion and develop interests, ACTION. No action, no nothing. Not only getting work and working a job, but carving a career path by work ethic, self-promotion and a “support system” (by which the author means, your network. I can vouch for this–ever try to find a job in a new city, when you’ve just moved there? Pretty tough. Nobody knows your name.)Finally, Satisfaction, the most elusive and most desirable. This is a long-term goal, requiring getting out ruts, improving yourself, mastering a skill set and learning from failure. We ALL have failures, but they can be springboards to higher success. Nobody I know personally who is highly successful has NOT had a stellar failure, or two, or three, in their lives. How you handle failure will get you to your better self.This book fits in extremely well with another book recently published about navigating life in your twenties The Defining Decade which dovetails nicely here–advice on NOT taking a series of dead-end jobs but, again, finding your passion, and also about personal life. And it also fits with a recent book on where the US may be headed and the changes in American economy and society Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent which goes over the economic changes that have led in part, to scarce jobs for grads.If you have a child getting ready for college or in college or graduating university soon, I’d really get both this book and the The Defining Decade for them and READ it together. Go over this information and have some meaningful discussions. And if you yourself are a high school or college student reading this review, do it for yourself. These books are timely and hugely important. You are the steward of your own career, and these books will help you steer a course to success and personal fulfillment.


This book is amazing. EJ focus on inspiring to give the youth of today the tools they need to succeed.
This book is investing in your teenager.
This is a great read not only for young people but also for parents of young people. The philosophy we grew up with where education was a must to get a leg up on your competition,is not true today. Everyone gets an education today….they go in debt but they all have the same base line. EJ shows you how to rise above and have success I spite of the changes. Great book!