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The One Thing You Should Want Your Kid to Have for Christmas

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

For kids, the holidays are all about getting what you want: from gifts, to days off of school, to an abundance of sweets.

Unfortunately, what kids want never end up being things that they need.

So this month I went on a search, to find someone that was a master in understanding teenagers and could share with me what our students NEED in order to be successful and happy.

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4 Ways to Get Into Your Dream School: What Universities Want!

This post is about how your student can stand out as a top candidate to his or her college of choice.

Below are four case studies of individuals (who are all quite different) that will show you how colleges are looking for something that makes students unique.

Spoiler alert: relying on academics alone is a bad way to stand out as a top student.

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Conversation with Dr. Laurence Steinberg on December 8th

We have invited Dr. Steinberg, the world-renowned expert on adolescent psychology  and author of Age of Opportunity, to have a conversation with us at Student Success Agency about his groundbreaking research on the new science of adolescence!

Dr. Steinberg will share why your teen’s ‘abnormal’ behavior is actually quite ‘normal’.

Be a part of the conversation by submitting a question you might have about raising a teenager.

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