Monthly Data Delivered

Once your school starts Student Success Agency our customer support team puts together time stamped data reports for your team on a monthly basis.


Track Engagement

Track all of the phone calls, text messages and emails between your students and their agents. Our software captures each interaction to the second.


Track Progress

Every agent records notes on their student’s interests, goals and progress. These notes are included in each of your monthly reports.


Track Results

Our outputs system reveals Student progress through the college process for your program results. Reach out to discuss how we can support custom outputs.

See How It Works

Data Report Features

1. Individual Interactions

See who initiated the interaction and what kind of interaction took place. Each interaction is dated and time-stamped.

2. Monthly Reports

Our data team produces your reports once per month to ensure that you can hold our programs accountable.

3. CSV Format Available

We can provide your data in Excel, CSV or other format so that it will be easily viewed by you and your teams.

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