Frequently asked questions

Is there any long term commitment?

No, absolutely not. You can cancel anytime. We work hard to make sure your student can benefit from their membership but if you need to cancel at anytimeno hard feelings. 

What does membership to the agency include?

Your students gets their own Agent that they connect with every two weeks. They get access to our interactive content, webinars, and office hours where your student can get support on college topics like financial aid and scholarships or niche topics like how to succeed as an engineer. 

What sort of topics do you cover?

We focus on helping your student succeed in the REAL world. Yes we help with the college application, financial aid, and internships but we want your student to leave with the intangibles like leadership, social mobility, passion, grit, and the character to rebound from failure. Basically we believe we teach the missing subject in school, and that’s the subject of Success.

Is it safe?

You bet it is! Every live session is recored and uploaded to our database where it stored and reviewed. We do not share the recording but we do share updates and action points. Also you will receive an email after each session that includes any high and low points. We have successfully impacted hundreds of teens and confidentially will do the same with your teen. 

How is my student matched with a Success Agent?

All of our agents have been trained and background check to assure quality and safety. Our consultants have to at least average a 3.0 GPA in college, hold a leadership position, and have received some type of scholarship while in university. We find the right university student for your teen by first matching by gender than we analyze your students about me info and pair them by interest, personality, and time. 

Did we not answer your question?

Contact us at 210-906-TEEN and a representative will speak with you.

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