People, Promotion, and Technology, managed for you.

We provide the logistical support, dynamic presenters, promotional material, consent forms, and the mobile software to give every student a mentor in their pocket.

From the rural Rocky Mountains to the inner city of Chicago, we’ve got you covered.

SSA program coordinators make roll-outs push button simple by using a proven 5 step system that has been refined through the implementation of online mentoring programs across the country.


We Ignite Your Student Body

The key to a successful program kick-off is getting your students inspired and excited about their new opportunity. Our founder is an internationally recognized motivational speaker who has a proven track record of sparking the imagination of his audience. You’ve got nothing to worry about, we handle all of the logistics to create a dynamic kick-off event your student will not forget!


We Onboard Your Students

Students are able to sign up during or after the kick-off event by texting from their phone. Every student receives a parent consent form for the program. We follow up with students on the days following the event to collect consent forms. Students will not be paired with a Mentor until their consent form has been returned.


We Connect Relatable Mentors

Mentor relatability is fundamental to creating a successful mentoring program in a school-supported environment. We learn about each of your students and pair them with a mentor who we believe can closely relate and support that Student in the pursuit of their goals.


We Supply The Tech

We supply, support and improve the technology that makes our mentoring programs outperform its peers. Our technology creates a seamless experience for your students and a trackable program for you. Students use their personal devices to interact effortlessly directly with their mentor through safely masked SSA phone numbers.


We Dish The Data

We send monthly reports for each School and District that you have enrolled in our programs. All of our data and reports can be customized to include (or exclude) required information for your district reporting system. Have specialized output goals that you want to track to indicate the program is a success? We can do that too.

Ready to transform your Schools?