Is Your Counselor and CRC’s stuck in the past? The Future of Advising Teens for College and Career Success

Counselors and College Readiness Coaches have one trait in common. The will to sacrifice and work hard when faced with unfavorable circumstances.

Today there is one counselor to every 500 students in America and that ratio continues to get larger. How can we ask counselors and college readiness coaches (CRCs) to provide personal and customized experiences for each student if we lack the manpower or school time to advise students effectively.

This blog is a feature post about how our technology can transform the work environment for counselors or CRCs to work smarter rather than harder.

To be honest, I am not sure how much harder counselors and CRCs can work as they already sacrifice health and lifestyle for the job.

It is time to allow technology and the social world to do the heavy lifting and below is how we think we can help.

First, we need to change our mindset…

Counselors and CRCs usually have a unique personality. They are organized, full-spirited, and like to do everything themselves to ensure the job will get done correctly. However, needing to do it all themselves make it difficult for them manage all of their students.

We have to change this mindset because we are derailing the potential of our students if we stay stuck in old ways of thinking. Why?

Counselors and CRCs have way too many students to operate this way anymore. Having to sit down and build authentic relationships for 500+ students is nearly impossible.

The mindset for a counselor in today’s social, customizable, and personalized world should be the idea of SCALING themselves.

If you are a counselor or CRC reading this post, think of your job as a business.

You are in the business of advising students to postsecondary success.

What if you were in the business of making pastries and your bakery had 500+ unique orders you had to complete. As the owner of the bakery, you would not do all the work by yourself because there would be too much demand in order to ensure high quality goods. You would have to hire staff like cooks, delivery-people, wait-staff, people to take orders, and cashiers to help you with your bakery, so you can run the best bakery in your community. This concept in business is called scaling.

So as someone who is in the business of advising students, you have to scale yourself large enough so that your students can receive the best quality of one-on-one time and accountability to succeed.

Now some ways counselors and CRCs can scale themselves is by asking teachers or community leaders to help with the process. But this may be difficult if you feel that you lack time or managerial skills. It is also challenging to track.

At Student Success Agency, we have created the first online platform that scales counselors and CRCs by providing technology and the necessary human capital to make advising time more effective.


The more human beings you have to help with advising, the more time students have to build a college or career plan. Below is a picture of our advising process. It allows you to have a high-level view of the advising process while still staying in control of your student body.

Slide 1-a

The process works to increase human support for the counselor on the one-to-one advising process. By having more human support, your daily work can be much more productive. You can focus on large impact items on your to-do list and visit with students who require professional support.

At SSA, we provide counselors and CRCs with trained high-level college students to help with the advising process. We call them agents. We have trained agents across the country who can work with your students at any time of the waking day.

Research shows that near-peer interaction is more effective when getting students to communicate or motivated to do something. By having college students in your counselor’s corner, interacting with students becomes much easier, leading to an increase of buy-in, energy, and focus from your students.


Technology implementation is at an all time high for schools around the world. If you have implemented technology at your campus, you know that technology does not solve the problem.

The issue with technology is that it’s lifeless.

MOOCs and online video tutorials have horrible retention and completion rates. We believe there is low retention with online video because of the lack of human interaction students receive compared to traditional advising. Just like online videos, crowdsourcing saves you time and energy. But instead of short-changing the students’ learning experience, we hold on to human interaction.

We provide a human solution and a technology platform to increase retention and consumption of your services.

Below is a video demo on how our technology works so your counselors and CRCs can scale themselves

Below are pictures of an advising session in action! A student will be video chatting with a college agent for help and support. The student receives content through a resource pop up window, which you see in the second picture.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.55.02 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.55.18 AM

To wrap up this post, our demo showcases that the future of counseling includes finding solutions that allow your counselors or CRCs to SCALE their time and energy. Schools are asking for counselors and CRCs to take on more students with less time devoted to one-to-one attention, leaving students unguided or mislead.

If you would like to request a personal demo, please reach out to EJ Carrion at

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