Build relationships online to improve outcomes.

Safely engage in meaningful one-on-one conversations with your students through text, phone calls, and email.

The future of student engagement

Our software allows schools to safely build deeper relationships with their student body through one-to-one conversations via text, phone, and email. In the future, students will primarily interact with teachers, counselors, admin online rather than in the short periods between class time. The old way of student engagement consisted of suppressing online communication. The right way uses the internet and mobile devices as a force of good to improve school culture and outcomes.

Old Way

Right Way

We monitor interactions and track trends to help you make strategic decisions on school outcomes.

    • Time stamped texts, calls, and emails

    • Monthly activity reports

    • Electronic imports available via .csv

    • Robust impact and safety metrics

    • SSA offers on-site training opportunities for your staff

Conversational experiences your students will love.

  • 45+ interactions per month between educator and student

  • 85%+ of enrolled students engage on a monthly basis

  • 2X better student participation in events and programs

  • 5X more one-on-one time for advising, mentoring, or support

  • 10,000 interactions per 200 users a month

Extremely Safe and Secure

We make online communication possible
  • Safe and Protected Phone Numbers
  • FERPA and FCC Compliant
  • Time Stamped Communication
  • Red Flag Filters
  • Continuous Monitoring

Transform your school districts today

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