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Education 2020: How to Lead a School of the Future

This post is for leaders in education that want to use technology to enhance student learning and performance-

Before becoming the face of Digital Leadership in Education, Eric Sheninger was admittedly opposed to utilizing technology in the school setting.

bilde“I didn’t see the value,” says Sheninger, TEDx speaker, author of Digital Leadership and former NASSP Digital Principal of the Year.

Technology, communication, and the way students learn is moving faster than ever, and schools are not keeping up.

“We are preparing kids for a world that no longer exists.”

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Is Your Counselor and CRC’s stuck in the past? The Future of Advising Teens for College and Career Success

Counselors and College Readiness Coaches have one trait in common. The will to sacrifice and work hard when faced with unfavorable circumstances.

Today there is one counselor to every 500 students in America and that ratio continues to get larger. How can we ask counselors and college readiness coaches (CRCs) to provide personal and customized experiences for each student if we lack the manpower or school time to advise students effectively.

This blog is a feature post about how our technology can transform the work environment for counselors or CRCs to work smarter rather than harder. read more