Learn our process to winning scholarships

Watch our webinar  titled, Why Your Student Will Receive Zero Scholarships: The 5 small careless mistakes that your kid will make that will cost YOU money

This webinar is for parents who want to learn tricks and tactics to get their kid scholarships. We will discuss the essay process and how to implement the SAME strategies that got me a full-ride scholarship.

Most students who go to college will graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt and wasted credits. They will have no clue what they want to do and waste more of your money switching majors because they did not spend the necessary time to earn scholarships.

This webinar will be the first time I reveal the secrets of what I did to receive a full-ride scholarship while having average grades and below average test scores.


Some of the tips I am going to share are simple and can earn your kid thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

Join me for this engaging and exclusive webinar for real parents who understand that waiting until the last minute does not work when it comes to paying for college.

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