Building Equitable

Student Support Services

Student Success Agency partners with school districts to offer students timely digital services like academic tutoring, mental health support, and postsecondary planning after school and over the weekends to complement the short school day.
  • Improve student wellbeing
  • Expand staff capacity
  • Ensure success for everyone

The most transformative education support system

We partner with you to provide a bridge between the short school day and afterschool so that your team can ensure students receive holistic supports that improve their academic, emotional, and economic well-being. With SSA, you guide students around the clock from their electronic devices to ensure that their school time success is not derailed due to out-of-school factors.

We impact students and educators from 500+ schools across the country

Continuity of support that extends access

Schools spend millions of dollars on support services for students during the day, when they are in class. That would be like the grocery store only being open while you’re at work.

Elevate staff with relatable student-champions

Constantly putting out fires prevents educators from magnifying their impact with students. Overbooked staff leads to overlooked students.

Alleviate demands on class time

Managing a school day means constantly negotiating between teaching class and other demands on a student’s time.

No one likes to play traffic cop.