"Having an agent
is awesome."


Top-Tier Mentors
Ensure Your Student Success

  • 1 out of 4 agents has a full-ride scholarship

  • 9 out of 10 agents received scholarship to attend college2X better student participation in GEAR UP events and programs

  • Our Agents represent 30+ colleges from the top 150 Universities in the US

  • GEAR UP focused advisors from similar background and stories

  • SSA provides two-day on-site training to back their experience

The Agency’s 5 Step Hiring Process

1. Online Video Application

Agents submit a detailed online application which includes a video of themselves on why they want to be an Agent and what makes them a great fit for the position. Our Agents are digital, so it only makes sense that we should hire them through digital channels.

2. Online Video Interview

We’ve honed in on key hiring questions over the past 5 years of operating successful mentorship programs. We ask potential Agents the tough questions that bring to light their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and more to make sure they can lead their students to success.


3. Student Test-Run

We pair the potential Agents with a student within our personal network to see them in action. The potential Agent must interact with and provide value to a real student for five days. The student who vetted the Agent will make a decision if this person is a good fit.


4. Criminal Background Check

Safety is a top priority for our team. If a prospective Agent gets through the first three rounds of interviews (less than a 20% chance), we run a full fingerprint criminal background check on the candidate. We have attached an example.

5. Two-Day On Site Training

After showcasing themselves to be talented and passionate enough to be an Agent and passing the background check, we spend two full days working with Agents on building the necessary knowledge to support their kids through the program.

Starting a mentoring program is hard.

We learned the hard lessons for you, and our experience has been distilled into a full service turn-key mentoring program that leverages the best of humans and the best of modern technology. Our staff works year round to recruit the right agents, to lead the agents throughout the year, and to deliver results for your programs, like GEARUP. Through our passion we save you the time, money and stress through outsourced mentors, so that you can focus on what’s important, your student’s success.

We make mentoring relatable.

Program Effectiveness

  • 90% of Students that opt-in to our programs stay in our program.

  • Your Students have the same agent all school year long.

  • Students interact with their agent an average of 45+ interactions each month

  • Our agents’ work to achieve YOUR custom outputs and student goals


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