A mentoring platform that helps educators scale their hearts

We provide a blend of software and people that works for you rather than against you.

Support every student individually, on-demand, and at scale

Our Student Winbox enables your team of expert educators to collaboratively contribute to every student’s success together. 

The inbox updates in real time so every student gets the support they need, when they need it most.

Reinforce your professional staff with an army of relatable student-champions

The Agency isn’t just for your students. 

Our agents work tirelessly to support you students directly while helping to alleviate pressure on your staff from less sensitive tasks such as tutoring, essay reviews and general student exploration. 

Meanwhile, they keep your team updated with all their student updates so your team can step in and contribute, when it matters most. 

Tune into the student voice

Rich insights from across your student body enable you to plug into the collective voice of your students. 

Optimize for student engagement by learning, exploring, and investing in the interests, dreams, and future plans of your students. 

Academics & Beyond

Our Dream, Missions, and Objectives Framework helps ensure that your Student Success Network stays focused on supporting the whole student on their path to successful adulthood; beyond just their academics.

Human Powered

Our Agents

Agents are digitally based near-peer mentors offering an array of comprehensive on-demand student support services designed to maximize student potential and increase their chances of achieving college, career, and life success. Agents are your staff’s global network of high-demand professionals, driven college students, and niche specialists who increase the horsepower (or should we say people power 😄) in your school district.

Agents represent over 150 universities and dozens of top companies across the country. Agents go through a strict and comprehensive selection and training process before accessing our platform to serve your students. They will effectively communicate with staff and guide students along the path to success.


Specialists are agents who are equipped to support students in more challenging areas such as advanced academic subjects, foreign languages, and social services.

When students have access to the Agency they will work with their personal agent who facilitates their experience in the program and builds an authentic mentorship connection with your students. Specialists connect with students for tutoring sessions and specific challenges that take more intermediate expertise.

Industry Experts

Have you ever heard that saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Our industry experts allow your students to tap into our global network of in-demand professionals. Students will be able to connect with hundreds of professionals based on interests for mentorship, questions, and learning opportunities.

Agency Tips

We produce weekly content to connect with students and provide timely engaging check-ins to keep them engaged in their schooling. Our agency tips can be customized by school goals and themes. We also create videos and engaging content to increase responses.

ICONs (Student Ambassadors)

Once we launch on your campuses we will identify students to be student ambassadors. We call these students ICONs, which means Influencing and Cultivating Original Networks. Our goal with a student ambassador is to be the head of culture on campus and a peer voice that can advocate and support students during school. ICONs will go through leadership training and have mandatory meetings with other ICONs around the country. The ICON will get a budget to lead events and curate community engagement during school and on the platform.

Technology Powered

Student Engagement

We mobilize your district initiatives by meeting students where they are through our multi-channel messaging feature that allows your students to connect with agents via phone, tablet, or computer. Our proprietary system enables students to text, call, or email anytime to get on-demand support for academic and growth needs.

Each time a student engages on our platform, the system records and time stamps the interaction. We provide a safe place for students to receive help after school and data for educators to source insights. What makes our model unique is that agents take a proactive approach in making a connection with students rather than waiting for students to utilize our service.

Educators are also able to send personalized announcements to students and have agents reinforce those announcements to increase persistence.

DMO Framework

We can all agree students need more time to simply dream and be heard. Our Dream Mission and Objective Framework is our mental model for how we communicate with students on our platform to increase engagement. It is foundational to how we measure our impact and communicate that back to your staff to align students’ personal ambitions with their academic success.

Agents are able to reach students outside of school and champion students to advocate for themselves. Since they are not limited to the school day, agents connect with students on their schedules and navigate them through the DMO Framework, which generates the insights and updates for your daytime staff.

Student Winbox

The Student Winbox is a collaborative inbox that generates individual student support updates that your staff can use to activate outreach, share expertise, or gain insights.

Unlike your school inbox distracting you from doing the work you love to do, the Student Winbox allows you to impact more kids more often. You will receive wins, insights, and opportunities to curate conversations and deepen engagement with students to boost overall school performance.

Hall Monitor

The Hall Monitor is our safety alert system that tracks for inappropriate language or conversations happening on our platform. Student safety is priority number one, which is why we developed a sophisticated pipeline that immediately alerts our safety team and your counselors if any topics of concern get addressed on our platform. Here is a list of topics that are out of the scope of our work that we proactively monitor for:

  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Abuse
  • Sex
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Violence


Does your school offer an abundance of free opportunities for students and parents? Keeping families informed so they can take advantage of resources can be difficult. With our DSS platform, you can share resources and announcements on your dashboard and personalize and customize messages for students to make sure each announcement is delivered. We increase awareness and accountability by connecting your announcements to mentoring conversations. We help you be intentional with your information by meeting students on their phones at the right time. Our mentors will curate conversations that increase students’ intrinsic motivation to act.

Student Voice

We curate thousands of interactions and transcribe hundreds of conversations between students and agents, creating incomparable data for districts. At the end of every year, we collaborate with your admin team to assess and review the challenges and priorities of your student body that were identified through continuous authentic conversations instead of time-consuming questionnaires and one-off surveys.

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Monitor progress and data that comes from consistent and purposeful relationships instead of one off surveys and questionnaires.