Scaling human care

A Student Success Network is made up of all the components that create an environment that enables a student to succeed in school and life. We partner with school districts to develop a web of digital support services, which preserve class time and all staff members to power-up their impact on students. We channel our impact through a blended software and service approach by offering a sophisticated state-of-the-art DSS platform which is fueled by a digital infrastructure of mentors, tutors, and advisers.

Digital support infrastructure

The need to help students extends beyond the school walls. After school is when students are working on their homework, applying to college, or looking for enrichment opportunities. Before the internet, we had to squeeze these services in during the school day when students are working with their teachers, creating inefficiencies and limitations. Today, districts across the country are taking the necessary action steps to build out their digital support infrastructure that complements the traditional school day.

Empowering educators to become generals

Counselors, tutors, and college advisers have high caseloads and limited time during the short school day to achieve big outcomes. The Student Winbox is a collaborative software that generates student support outcomes that your staff can use to delegate tasks, share expertise, and gain insights.

We turn educators into generals by linking their Student Winbox to a network of champions we call agents. Your army of agents will become your foot soldiers who curate conversations with students and extend your ability to support more students more often.

Who are the agents?

The agents are your global network to high-demand professionals, driven college students, and niche specialists. Agents go through a strict and comprehensive vetting process.


We meet students where they are at

Students are always on their phones or using technology. Agents communicate with students via text, phone, and email around their schedule via their electronic devices. Our proprietary platforms allow students to safely connect with agents and get immediate support when they need it most.

Easy to engage

Today’s teens are struggling to navigate a complex, stressful, and to them what often seems lonely world, making asking for help a daunting task.

We make it cool to ask for help by empowering students with personal agents like their favorite athletes or celebrities. LeBron James has an agent, Taylor Swift has an agent, and now your students have agents as well! This experience allows you to change the narrative for your students around getting the necessary help they need to perform well in school.


We use a near-peer mentoring model, which was introduced by a What Works Clearinghouse study facilitated by GEAR UP, the largest federal college grant. The research shows that students are more receptive to listening to advice or getting feedback from someone close in age.

Anytime, anywhere

We understand that teenagers are busy and have multiple extracurricular activities vying for their time, that’s why we offer our digital, near-peer student support services, anywhere, anytime they are near a computer, tablet, or mobile cellular device.

We designed our proprietary digital platform to give students a safe and secure space to:

• Ask for help
• Receive mentoring
• Brainstorm and share ideas
• Collaborate with a thought partner
• And more (see our robust list of extended services)

We’re commited to quality, safety & security

Our agents are vetted through a 5 step interview process in which they have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate, support and guide students along the path to success. Additionally, agents are screened through the certified National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) 5-step background check system that searches all counties nationwide, while also screening for alias names.

Parent Consent Form

Students have to have a parent consent form signed if they are under 18. We have created a hassle-free way to distribute and collect parent consent forms for schools by offering a digital form that can be sent via email and signed on a computer or phone.

Vetted Agents from Start to Finish

Our agents go through a 5-step interview process, including multiple interviews, criminal background checks, and continuous monitoring of performance through the school year.

Ongoing Accountability and Coaching

Agents are put into small peer groups for monthly meetings to share updates and coaching strategies.

Safe and Protected Phone Numbers

Our software masks students and agents’ real contact information, so that no personal numbers are exchanged.

Time Stamped Communication

All calls, texts, and emails are time-stamped, recorded, and monitored through SSA’s safe, secure proprietary tracking system.

Digital Hall Monitor Alert System

Our system automatically flags our safety, administrative, and counselor teams if any sensitive information is ever shared.

Continuous Monitoring & Data Reporting

Our Director of Agent Success, Head of Impact, and a team of Lead Agents all continuously monitor individual agent performance to ensure quality service.

Additionally, each month our team sends out a comprehensive data report highlighting student testimonials and outlining individual students’ engagement minutes, student body engagement minutes, and average student engagement minutes.