⏰Student Success Agent💰

Part Time

(5 – 15 hours/week)

~$17-20 an hour

Minimum Commitment

1 Academic School Year

🤔What is SSA?🤔

Student Success Agency is the first agency that represents teens instead of celebrities and athletes. We provide families and schools personal agents (college advisors) so students can receive advising for college admission, scholarships, and career success. You will be in charge of a group of students who you will help achieve their dreams by connecting with them one-on-one from your computer and phone around your schedule.

Student Success Agency is a startup environment that is pioneering a new way we advise students for college. We have been in operation since September 2012 and have been recognized by the First Lady for our work in education. We have also received the Impact Award for most disruptive startup in education and recently Forbes 30 Under 30 in Education. We have been invited to speak at SXSW, TEDx, as well as the White House. This is just the beginning… and we want you to be a part of the story.

In order to be a fit, you must be passionate about helping other people succeed. We are in the business of helping teenagers become GREAT. You have to love people and truly want to make an impact. Your work will change students’ lives forever and you will see the growth in your students for years to come.

😎What's an Agent?😎

Just like a celebrity or sports Agent, an SSA Agent will understand their student’s long term ambitions and provide resources, guidance, and accountability to achieve success.

Mentors give advice, Agents get results.

Agents are sure to mix in fun conversations, relating over shared interests, talking about pop culture, and much more to develop strong relationships.

  • Impact without a relationship is a Google resource.
  • Relationship without impact is a friendship.
  • Impact + relationship = a top tier Agent.


As an agent you will be responsible for managing your student roster and setting up conversations about their end goal. Similar to being a mentor, life coach, or counselor, you will be in charge of leading and assisting students through the college and career exploration process. Your objective is to help students become the best versions of themselves by giving them the resources, accountability, and belief in them that will allow them to succeed through life.


⏰Student Success Agent💰

The ability to work autonomously with minimal direction

The availability to work at least 5 hours every week.

This is not your ordinary position where you will be told what to do day-to-day. Your work WILL matter and we are looking for motivated, passionate individuals to excel at this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a strong applicant?

There are 3 things that we qualify as being a great agent: hyenas, nuns, and 007. Everyone wants to be a lion because they are the kings of the jungle, so majestic and powerful, but the truth is we want the hyenas who are willing to work in the mud, unafraid of doing the dirty work. We express a need to be selfless like nuns and remember that everything we do on a day to day basis does matter because our performance will impact our students directly. And lastly, we look for some 007 because each agent should have a level of confidence, intrigue, and personal swagger to connect and inspire their students. If these are qualities that you possess, we definitely encourage you to apply!


How are hours tracked if all work is done virtually?

You aren’t expected to track time. We are able to track texts and phone calls so we can see how much you’re interacting with your students. Because of that, you are free to work on your own schedule. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. We do not want to hire an agent who does not have premier time management skills and thus procrastinates, thereby not servicing their students. We want responsible, autonomous agents who know how to balance their schedule accordingly.

Can I be an agent if I didn’t go to college?

Absolutely! We realize that college may not be the route for everyone. If you didn’t go to college but you’ve become successful in your own profession and personal life, we would love for you to apply and tell us all about the amazing things you’ve been up to in the meantime.


Can I be an agent if I’ve already graduated college?

Definitely! We want to make sure that we are pairing students with near-peer mentors which is why a majority of our agents are in college. However, if you still feel that you’ll be able to connect with high school students and make an impact, we 100% would like you to apply!

What’s the youngest you can be to apply?

You must have graduated from high school at least one year ago. Because of this, we do not accept college freshman but do encourage you to apply after you’ve finished your first college semester.

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