Alabama Students Share How Having an Agent Is Helping Them Achieve Their Goals

“It takes a village to help that child.”
– Gerolyn Woodruff, Assistant Principal, Pinson Valley High School

After conducting a district-wide survey, it became evident that students in Jefferson County Schools (Alabama) were seeking more support to achieve their post-graduation goals. In response, the district partnered with the Student Success Agency to provide students with peer mentors — accessible anywhere, anytime through secure text messaging.

Student Success Agency worked closely with Jefferson County Schools to align support services to the district’s AND the students’ goals including connecting students with job shadowing opportunities, internships, and even helping them find after-school jobs in addition to providing academic and social-emotional support.

The Student Success Agency recognizes that every student is unique, and our approach reflects this. Students are paired with a near-age mentor that is available to help with homework, answer questions, help set and achieve goals, listen, cheerlead, and even connect students with additional supports like tutors and mental health services.

By partnering with the Student Success Agency, Jefferson County Schools is helping their students develop the confidence and skills they need to pursue their dreams.

Collaborating to Support the Success of Every Student

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Whether you need to boost graduation rates, increase college and career readiness, or improve student engagement and outcomes, our team is here to support your team — and students.

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