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Your school district has partnered with partnered with Student Success Agency to provide your kids with unfettered access to mentoring, tutoring, and postsecondary support anytime, anywhere. Watch the video to learn more.

Thank you for being an incredible parent/guardian and letting us work with your child.
Your student will have the opportunity to complete the student registration process at their school during SSA Kick-Offs! If you would like to unlock additional services for your child, please CLICK HERE to sign the Parent Consent Form! What is this all about? Read below!
(1) Go to PARENT SQUARE to give parental consent for SSA

So what does your student get with and without a consent form?

SSA’s top priority is to ensure all students are receiving the support they deserve in the safest manner possible. Read below on how your student can unlock all support benefits with a parent consent form.

Proactive coaching

All students in SSA are able to message in and receive help when they need it.  However, with a parent consent form, Agents are able to proactively coach your child.  This means they will look at their long term goals and reach out to provide support. On-Demand Support Example: Your child asks for scholarship help and one of our Agents then sends scholarships and offers scholarship essay review. Proactive Coaching Example: Your child lets their Agent know they want to attend college.  Their Agent will then proactively start to send resources about FAFSA, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities while also offering essay review.

Personalized opportunities

We will send opportunities to students to help them achieve their goals.  With a parent consent form, we will get to know your child's goals even better which will allow us to send tailored resources and opportunities to serve them. Group-based Opportunities Example: Sending a resource about how to find a part time job or volunteer opportunity for those interested. Personalized Opportunities: Sending local job openings and volunteer positions that your child would be qualified for, if they were interested.

Full Access Tutoring

Along with mentoring, we also provide unlimited, on demand tutoring for all students.  Students without a parent consent form would be supported through SMS messages whereas students with a parent consent form will meet with one of our in house tutors via Zoom to walk them step-by-step through any challenges they may face.

  • Access to safe/secure mentoring anywhere, anytime
  • Monthly messaging about college, career, and life success
  • On-demand tutoring and homework help from subject matter experts
  • Resources for FAFSA completion and scholarships
  • Access to college advising specialists
  • Rigorously Vetted Agents
  • Agent Team Leader System
  • Protected personal contact info
  • Time-stamped communications
  • Dangerous Content Alerts
  • Safety Specialist that handles mental health and safety issues

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Have a question or want to help us support students? Email our Head of Implementation Becky at becky@studentsuccess.co
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