Seven Layers of Safety You Can Trust

Student safety is critical to us, our programs, and our future. We’ve developed and refined our seven layer safety system over the past five years of operation to ensure that every student safely attains college-ready results and a great experience. Our team of agent leaders ensure each and every agent is delivering student success to your program.


Parent Consent

Students must have parent consent to join the Agency. SSA will distribute and track consent forms for you.


Rigorously Vetted

Our agents go through a 5-step hiring process, which includes multiple interviews, training, coaching sessions, and a complete comprehensive criminal background check. All Agents are regularly assessed, and we continuously monitor their performance, behavior, and impact.


Agent Team Leader

SSA has a team of agent leaders who are responsible for continuously monitoring the Student interactions and individual Agents within their teams. Our multi-level accountability structure ensures that we can maximize the performance of our team.

See a few of our safety features in action:


Protected Personal
Contact Info

Our technology masks the real phone numbers and emails of Students so that no personal contact information is available for abuse or unmonitored interactions.



Every call, text, and email that is sent through our system is recorded, time-stamped, and monitored by SSA.


Dangerous Content

Our software automatically reviews every interaction for key words, which are known to be indicators of danger, abuse, and other serious issues. The system will immediately alert the SSA Administration team upon encountering a concerning interaction.


Safety Specialist

Our organization is equipped with a Safety Specialist on board that handles mental health and safety issues. Our Safety Specialist has the educational background in College Counseling and Student Development. She is experienced in performing specialized task in crisis intervention, student development, and student success support. We are dedicated to meeting individual student needs, and promoting and ensuring safety, wellness, and overall success.

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