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Student potential should never be limited by circumstance. Student Success Agency’s proven model removes barriers to graduation and postsecondary success. By providing near-peer mentors and individualized support, students are empowered to plan and prepare for a bright future.

On this page, explore inspiring stories of transformed trajectories, learn more about how Student Success Agency works, and access resources to communicate the impact to stakeholders.

A Message from Our CEO

Presented by E.J. Carrion, Student Success Agency CEO and Co-Founder

The Power of an Agent: Happy’s Story

A conversation with Happy, a student in DeKalb County (GA) & Nahal, a Student Success Agent

How We Ensure Implementation Succes

Presented by Michael Benko, Student Success Agency
COO and Co-Founder

The Impact of Student Success Agency in Waterbury, CT

Meet Our Exceptional Tutor Team


Funding Guide

The Student Success Agency Experience

Who Are the Agents, and How do They Help My Staff and Students?

Presented by Justin Cyrus, Student Success Agency Director of Agent Success

A Look at the Implementation Process

A Look at the Data That Support Program Success and Sustainability

Presented by Dr. LeAnna Wilson, Student Success Agency Vice President of Partnerships

A Deep Dive into How We Ensure Student Safety

Presented by Rubi Franco Quiroz, Student Success Agency Head of Impact

Layers of Safety & Technology

5-Step Agent Vetting Process

Safety Stages & Agent Protocols

Case Management Protocols

How SSA Ensures Students’ Safety

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