Waterbury, CT Students Discover a World of Possibilities with Personalized, After-School Support

Imagine a future where every student has access to the support they need to succeed, no matter their background or circumstance — or time of day! That’s the vision that Waterbury Public Schools and Student Success Agency share, and together, they’re making it a reality.

This past year Waterbury parents advocated and asked for additional help for their students to get the support and services necessary to prepare students for college and careers after high school.

Waterbury administrators took this plea seriously and set out to achieve an audacious goal: ensuring that they meet their students where they are at by providing digital mentorship and getting 100% of their seniors to complete a FASFA student federal aid application. With the help of Student Success agents and the SSA proprietary platform, they did it! Working side by side with the counseling department, Student Success agents provided after-school and weekend support, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to help students prepare for post-secondary education.

The result? Dreams that once seemed impossible are now within reach for countless high school seniors in the district. And it’s all thanks to the powerful partnership between Waterbury and Student Success Agency.

Collaborating to Support the Success of Every Student

Student Success Agency expands your district’s capacity to support students, even outside of traditional school hours.

Whether you need to boost graduation rates, increase college and career readiness, or improve student engagement and outcomes, our team is here to support your team — and students.

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