Welcome to Student Success Agency

Waterbury Public Schools has partnered with Student Success Agency to provide your kids with unfettered access to mentoring, tutoring, and postsecondary support anytime, anywhere. Watch the video to learn more. 

Two Steps to Get Started: 

(1) ClICK HERE to activate your student’s account

(2) Go to PARENT SQUARE to give parental consent for SSA

Students Recieve

  • Access to safe/secure mentoring anywhere, anytime
  • Monthly messaging about college, career, and life success
  • On-demand tutoring and homework help from subject matter experts
  • Resources for FAFSA completion and scholarships
  • Access to college advising specialists
  • Accountability during COVID-19 and create a routine/schedule for digital learning

Student Safety

  • Parent Consent is Required to Participate
  • Rigorously Vetted Agents
  • Agent Team Leader System
  • Protected personal contact info
  • Time-stamped communications
  • Dangerous Content Alerts
  • Safety Specialist that handles mental health and safety issues

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Visit www.studentsuccess.co/welcome to start!

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