Student Social Capital and Postsecondary Success

Student Social Capital and Postsecondary Success

A big part of student success involves skills that don’t even involve tests and classroom performance. 

Social influence and capital are essential for students that are on the college track. Any student seeking a postsecondary education should understand the importance, so they can create social strategies that work. 

Are you looking to get an edge on the competition with the knowledge that can help you get to college and beyond? We’re glad to help you out. 

Here are some ideas you should know about the importance of social capital. 

All Business is People Oriented

Embracing social capital is actually one of the best academic strategies that you can follow. The reason for this is that all business is people-oriented. 

While the bottom line absolutely matters, most people prefer to work with people whose presence they enjoy.

Developing a strong circle of professional friends will get you invites to social functions that can deepen relationships throughout your industry. 

Building a Strong Network is Essential For Longevity in Business

Learning networking principles will carry you far no matter what college you’re interested in attending. The reason for this is that networking is essential for professional longevity. 

In all probability, most youth will pursue and be employed in careers which do not exist yet. Therefore, focussing on skill building and relationships will take them far towards being successful in their career path.

Social capital provides value for students that is unparalleled. For instance, when you’re well-known and liked within your major, you’ll get opportunities to lead organizations and to join clubs that can build valuable professional connections. 

There are many types of social capital you can gain through solid, consistent networking.

In addition to setting aside a certain number of hours for your studies, make sure that you’re also blocking out time to attend networking events or to book meetings with peers and mentors.

Put together a solid social media presence and print up some business cards that you can pass out. 

Social Capital is Helpful for Student Success

Social capital is important for student education because it also helps you get better grades. Students that are social are often more likely to want to study together. 

Less social students are often more nervous or guarded about joining study groups. When you start studying with others, it lightens the burden and can speed up your learning. 

By consistently going to study group meetups each week, you become less likely to wait until the last minute to study for an exam. It’s been scientifically proven that cramming is unproductive. 

The social capital that you build is likely to sharpen your studies and make you a better student as a whole.   

Admissions Offices Love Active and Participatory Students

Your first impressions say a lot about you. The goal is to “Wow” a college admissions officer when they pick up your resume. There’s something undeniably impressive about a student that manages to keep a high Grade Point Average (GPA) while balancing belonging to several organizations. 

College admissions offices love to see students that participate in organizations and charity or social initiatives. It shows that you’re willing to put some action behind your passions.  

This lifestyle is the end result of the educational journey, which is why admissions offices tend to give preferential credence to students that are already on that journey. 

It Teaches You to Be Part of an Organization

Organizations are a big part of school culture, both on the secondary and postsecondary levels. 

If your eye is on college, you need to learn what it means and what it takes to be part of an organization. This means showing up to events to support or volunteer, attending regular meetings, running for office, and more. 

These are skills that successful achievers use regularly. Learning it now acts as a prime testing ground for your postsecondary education and beyond. 

Having Support is Important

Social capital is also vital because it helps you build a network of people that have your back. 

This support means you get a soundboard of people to field your questions. People that are part of your social circle are generally glad to provide a favor when called upon. 

A support system is helpful to your mental health as well. Let’s face it — going off to college is fun and exciting, but it can also induce a lot of stress. 

It’s the first time most young people leave the nest for the first time, and this stark transition can cause dread and anxiety. It’s also natural to be homesick, particularly if you attend college far from home. 

Depression, addiction, and life’s obstacles, in general, will all be things you need to contend with throughout the four or more years you spend in college. 

Having a solid support system of people you trust and appreciate will help. The people that you spend time with regularly for academic reasons also tend to become your closest confidants. 

Don’t be surprised if a few of the people you meet in these years end up as guests at your wedding, or vice-versa. 

A Strong Social Circle Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Valuable information is exchanged in social interactions. A strong, like-minded social circle will give you an inside track on the happenings in your major or chosen career field. 

You might find out about an internship opportunity before it is published or get a face-to-face introduction with an important decision-maker. The more social equity you have, the more plugged in you’ll be to this type of information. 

Accountability and Positive Peer Pressure Are Great For Achievers

Having an accountability group can keep you on track with goals while providing positive peer pressure that helps you grow.

It breeds healthy competition when your social circle consists of people who are all trying to achieve success in their own way. Keeping up with the group is instinctive and can be a valuable motivational tool to push you to live up to your potential. 

There’s a reason that running groups, weight loss challenges and other collaborative efforts are so successful. It’s easy to quit on yourself, but it’s harder to not show up for a group of people that you gave your word to. 

It’s been said that you are the average of the five people that you communicate or spend time with most frequently.

Getting too caught up in comparison will only leave you lacking and frustrated. However, having driven friends can provide a measuring stick that helps you calibrate your effort and refine your approach. 

You Can Learn Valuable Success Strategies From Others

Success always leaves clues. The bigger your social circle, the more people you have in your life that you can learn from. 

Never be afraid to ask someone a question, and recognize that there’s something you can learn from everyone. You might come away with studying tips, advice on journaling, time management hacks, or access to valuable resources. 

Once you see what has worked for others, it’s easier to put strategies together that help you succeed. 

Attending Seminars and Conventions Can Take You to the Next Level

Success professionals also attend professional events whenever they can. Seminars and conventions allow you to sit in on potentially life-changing speeches and panels while learning the core skills that can help you professionally. 

These events also provide hands-on learning opportunities, networking mixers, and accesses to services that people pay top dollar for. When you attend these sorts of events, you’re often staying at a hotel where the event is held. 

Every day, you will run into and hang out with people that you meet at the event, and they can become valuable friends that you keep in touch with when you get back home. 

Just as importantly, these events typically involve information that will help you know what to expect from your career field in the approaching 3 to 5 years. 

Help Young Students Embrace and Build Social Capital

Social capital is essential in higher education and the professional world. The points above are helpful when you’re interested in using social capital to help you move toward postsecondary opportunities. 

When you work to build a strong social circle, you’re investing heavily into your academic life and any professional moves that you decide on. 

At Student Success Agency, we give you access to enrichment programs and opportunities, help with discipline and attendance, career pathways, and more. We also provide support and guidance opportunities for teachers and school systems. 

We’d be happy to assist you with any needs that you have. 

Reach out to us to speak to experts who can help you with any school and student services that you’re interested in. 

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